Science fiction is more than a genre. It's a question.
"Who are we? Are we important?""
Most importantly, "What is our future?"

My name is Michael Dambold, and these
are my comics.

Our galaxy is older than you think, but younger than you know.

Robot Jim

The Company


Candrai is the name of the Galaxy in which most of my comics occur. Most of the comics I make are connected, but there are a few more which are in their own set of universes.

I love good stories, and I love telling them. Remember when you hear your first fairy tale? That's the kind of feeling I want my stories to have.

How I work

I'm a professional illustrator and graphic/web designer. I take care of the following:

  • Creation and Development
  • Print and Web Products
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Social Media
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In all the worlds of all the universe, your world is the most important. It's the crux of events past and future.

Robot Jim


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